Get Ready To Master 2022

Hey hey, My name is Janine Lowe

People are drawn to me because I’ve always been intuitive. I am the kind of person who answers telephones before they ring and have always been able to give advice for the future which has brought great success.

I am a classically trained Feng Shui consultant in the arts of Bazi, Flying Stars, Auspicious Dates, Qi Men Dun Jia and I Ching but I don't expect you to know what that means yet, that for me to know and you to find out.

My background includes teaching Chinese Metaphysics to individuals and businesses globally, I have clientele across diverse industries as well as providing online private consultations and interacting daily with my 300,000 social media followers.

People often call me a witch and what I have found is that people are constantly asking me: Janine...

When should I do this or that?
Where is the best place to start decluttering?
When will my luck change?

Should I, would I, could I?

And I have to be honest, there are so many questions and although I have all the answers…. I don’t have the time or energy to answer every single one of them unless I am 100% focused on you.

So that is why I decided to create Master 2022. Imagine having my magic in your pocket or looking into a crystal ball and having an answer straight away.

Because that is what I am giving you…..

I am giving you the answers to Master 2022 in advance.

But what is Master 2022?

Master 2022 is like nothing you have seen before because, hey, it’s not something I have ever done before.

It’s an intensive 9 week programme starting on the 10thof December, which is going to show you how to shape your 2022 into the very best year you can possibly have, before it has even begun.

You’re investing in the knowledge that you are setting yourself up for your best year yet, under my expert guidance.

Not only that but I am bringing in Guest Experts so that you are completely covered and not a question is going to go unanswered.

We’re going to be covering:

Wealth. Health. Relationships. Creativity. Career. Good Fortune.

Feng Shui your house for 2022, Feng Shui your garden for 2022, Declutter your House to enhance your Wealth, Declutter your Desk to enhance your Business, Declutter your Paperwork to make you more efficient, Enhance your Wealth with auspicious days throughout the year tailored to your birth date, Help you find the right people to enhance your life, Give you the low down on you own magical place to manifest your dreams.

And that’s just from me. My guests are going to just add the icing to the cake, the cherry on top and let’s be honest who can resist that!

Why Master 2022?

I am not one to dwell and I obviously believe that with the right guidance we can make our own fortune but we’ve just been through a little bit of a, shall we say, rough patch!

We all have, some more than most, of course….. the thing is though, I knew it was coming.

Don’t believe me?

Ask my client who I told wouldn’t be cruising in 2020… or how about a different client that I knew that their wedding was going to be cancelled and being able to give the correct date to book it instead.
Another of my clients swears by the travel advice I give her and has literally turned up to the airport to find other people’s flights being cancelled…… but not hers.

I want that for you!

This is why I have created Master 2022 so that you can quite literally take off with me by your side and not be stuck parked and waiting to board.

Master your best ever 2022 in the following 

Wealth. Health. Relationships. Creativity. Career. Good Fortune.

I will ask you for your date and time of birth so that we can share an immersive, group discovery call so I can really get to know you and learn what you desire to Master in 2022.

Welcome Week: We collectively kick off this introduction week with a LIVE call where I will map out exactly what we are going to achieve and you can ask me any burning questions.

And we finish it all off with a graduation party (because if you know me, you'll know I love a party) and another Q&A session to make sure you are completely covered and you have everything you need to Master 2022.

What we'll be covering

 Feng Shui your house
 Enhance your wealth with auspicious days throughout the year tailored to your date of birth
Declutter your House to enhance your wealth
Declutter your paperwork and desk to make you more efficient
Help you find the right people to enhance your life
Feng Shui Your Garden
 Introduction and wrap up Q&A's

How it all works

We get started on the 10th of December....

So I can get to know you before we jump in to the topics we’ll meet as a group where I will be laser focused on you and your birth charts which will allow me to tailor my trainings specifically to suit and support you.

This, I have to be honest, is where the magic really starts to ignite.

Each week you will get a dedicated PDF and Video to completely cover the dedicated topic and you’ll feel like I have wrapped you in a blanket of breakthroughs.

I’m really going to be revealing all of my knowledge here, I won’t be holding anything back.

Learn my secrets and how you can implement them for yourself, truth be told you can use them time and time again.

We’ll also have a private and exclusive Facebook group so that you can all share all of your wow moments with me and each other. I’ll be active everyday so you get VIP access to me as well.

Listen, I know, it can seem like we’re living online right now so you’ll still get everything you need if you don’t join but I just love the buzz of an online, supportive community.

And my guest experts will be hosting specialist, fully immersive sessions via Zoom as well.

You really are getting all of out insider secrets…. Shhhh…. Don’t tell anyone!

Are you ready to Master 2022!
We get started on the 10th of December with ouR discovery call and spaces are limited!
Are you going to claim your spot?

How to Get Started 
1.Click The Order Button

2.You’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where all you do is enter your details and complete your investment.

3. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be taken to a thank you page and you’ll receive an email in the next 15 to 30 minutes letting you know that you’re in! you’ll get your next step instructions, dates for the diary and how to join my groups.


This programme is packed and just so incredible without bonuses but what am I if not one for extra glitz and sparkle, so as a complete package as a member of Master 2022 you’ll also get 
  • Free entry to Journey
    Journey is my subscription group, for 3 months. Journey itself could seriously change your life, on it’s own and it has and does. In here I give daily horoscopes, weekly ask the oracle readings, Ask me anything Feng Shui AND monthly lives. The possibilities are endless. 
  • Free entry to Manifest 2022:
    This is set in a Facebook group where we will work on your Manifest board together and ensure it is hung in the right area on the right day. I have to tell you, I had so much fun launching my first cohort in 2021 and hearing all the amazing things they manifested into reality…. I am talking cars, book deals, 5K months… you want it? 
  • Monthly forecast videos These will be landing directly in your inbox where I go over the month ahead for every Chinese Animal so you can wow your mates by knowing what’s in store for them as well. This is to elevate the learning that you will already have about yourself in 2022 and solidify everything you know to be coming. 
I have nothing but love and genuine interest in your favour. I want you to succeed. I want to be on that journey to fully Master 2022 with you.

The magic happens with me in your pocket

Get ready to Master 2022

Give me the details!!
Don’t want to miss out on this incredible programme? 
Until Cinderella O'clock on the 21st of NOVEMBER get it at the early bird price for:

 £846 or
3 payments of £300 or
6 payments of £167

Because when the clock strikes midnight on the 21st of November 2021 the price is going up to my full prices you won't get it for less than:

 £999 or 3 payments of £350 or 6 Payments of £180.

So claim your place now!

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